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 “Giving a free get out of jail card to negligent corporations” has been used to describe Preemption.  That would give irresponsible corporations complete immunity from all lawsuits from Americans hurt by bad drugs and medical parts. There would be no hereafter for injuring or killing people because of defective products.

Why, when big, central government is getting bigger would Bush & many Republicans want to take away from states the right and power to enforce state law? Aren’t conservative Republicans for ‘States Rights’, home rule, and a smaller federal government? Don’t they complain that Democrats believe that government can and should do all things for all people? You probably know the answers to these questions.

Do we believe that if “big brother” (in the form of the Federal Food and Drug Agency (FDA)) allows a corporation to sell an unsafe drug or bad meat that injures or kills people, they shouldn’t be responsible?  That the corporation that profited from the sale shouldn’t even have to answer how and why it happened— that they should get off scot-free?

That is exactly what “Preemption” is. This administration has used the Preemption strategy to in effect eliminate state law in 52 federal rules since 2005. Those politicians giving negligent corporations a free pass would likely argue, “that only big brother federal government has the know-how to regulate and control the sale of these products. We can’t allow the people in the states to have a say or use their laws. We will use the federal law to handle these injuries and deaths!”

Really now! That is interesting, since, there are no federal laws that apply. If state law is not applied, those responsible are not required to be accountable for these injuries and deaths!

There are caring senators and congressmen in Washington, trying to correct this wrong—help them! Many others are supporting Preemption!  Educate yourself, understand what is going on and ask them,“Why”!

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