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The following letter to the editor was written by my sister after the death of her 11-year old grandson who was hit by an SUV in Kissimmee, Florida.

L. Trammell

Douglasville, GA

January 10, 2008

The Gadsden Times
Attention: Letters to the Editor

Dear Editor:

When tragedy struck my family in October of 2007 we turned to the only people we knew could help – lawyers. We all know this day and time that lawyers are not always thought of in a favorable light – some think they’re greedy, some think they’re shady dealers and underhanded, and some just down right don’t like them. But most would agree that they are needed often in our direst, darkest moments.

My sister, Betsy Boggs, and I both work for attorneys, and have for many years. We see a different side of the legal profession than most people do. But in October 2007, our family had an urgent need to get legal advice, and fast. My grandson was killed when he was hit by an SUV when crossing a highway in Kissimmee, Florida. He had exited his school bus that had missed the normal bus stop and was let out with other children down the street from their normal stop. In an instant our world changed. Was anyone at fault: the school bus driver, the person driving the SUV, the school board, the county for not having crosswalks for the children to cross safely? These are all questions we had and we could get no answers. My sister’s firm, Cusimano, Keener, Roberts & Raley in Gadsden, Alabama got involved immediately, and found local lawyers for our family in Florida to help us out and to get us answers.

The firm sent an investigator to Kissimmee immediately to talk with my daughter and her husband, to go to the site, and to interview any and all witnesses. He was compassionate and caring – in how he dealt with the family and the witnesses. He knew he had to act quickly. The investigator went above and beyond his job. He went to where the tragedy occurred – took measurements and video of traffic in the area – especially when children were being picked up and let off the school bus. Everyone in the firm acted immediately to help my family through this tragic, awful event.

It turns out in this situation, there was little insurance. Even though the settlement was very small, it did not affect the caring and compassion of these two firms.

These firms dropped everything they were doing to help my family. They cared–they did all they could to help. You see, an 11 year old child lost his life, a family was grieving and will continue to grieve. These law firms – Cusimano, Keener, Roberts & Raley and Maher, Guiley and Maher helped more than they will ever know. They found us answers. They helped my family find some peace and gave us the best gift they could have given – their compassion, their hearts and blessings. They were not greedy, money hungry lawyers.

So, the next time you need a lawyer please remember not all of them are like what you hear – most are real people, have real families and really do care. Both of these firms proved that to me and I’ll be forever grateful to them.

Very sincerely,

L. Trammell

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