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A Letter to George Will

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George F. Will published an Op- Ed Column today January 11th basically promoting the perception that Americans are greedy suit happy individuals. Here is my letter to Mr. Will.

Mr. George Will,

I have always respected your opinion, but you have been drinking the cool aid provided by those corporations that do not want to be held responsible for their wrongdoing. You are correct that we are a nation paralyzed by the threat of litigation. A threat fueled by such perception fostered by your article. Perception is reality, but reality is based on facts. The perception that we are law suit crazy culture is not. Please look at the Justice Department statistics published during the Bush Administration — the latest 2004. The number of lawsuits filed have dropped steadily almost every year in the last 10 or 15 years. The average and median verdict has dropped to ⅓ (adjusted for inflation) of the average and median in 1992. Jury trials are vanishing. You can base your view on propaganda, it’s plentiful and paid for. I hope you will find the truth based on objective independent research.

Greg Cusimano