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Bacterial Contamination of TPN Bags Under Investigation


Contaminated intravenous feeding bags used for hospital patients receiving TPN (total parenteral nutrition) are the focus of an investigation by the Alabama Department of Public Health and the Centers for Disease Control. An infection outbreak in hospitals among patients receiving TPN was disclosed March 16.

TPN produced by an Alabama pharmacy, Meds IV, has been identified as a potential common source.

At this point, six hospitals are identified as receiving TPN from this source, Baptist Princeton, Baptist Shelby, Baptist Prattville, Medical West, Cooper Green Mercy, and Select Specialty Hospital.

Nine deaths have been reported of patients who have received TPN produced by Meds IV.

Serratia marcescens bacteria was found initially in the patients, and then in the TPN. The affected hospitals have stopped using TPN produced by Meds IV, and Meds IV has informed the Alabama Department of Public Health that it has discontinued all TPN production, and recalled all of its IV products.


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  1. Melva L says:
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    If this is a factual report, why do the news media not mention the fact that the contamination came from TPN bags that were apparently compounded by some company no one has ever heard of. The impression left is that the contamination occured from IV solution bags. It’s another example of the media reporting on an issue about which it knows nothing.

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    This has been in the news for several days. Investigations are continuing. It is likely that other hospitals may have received supplies from the same source. Although the source seems to be from Alabama, it could have been distributed into other states.