Gadsden, Alabama


Michael Roberts

Parasailing Tragedies and Safety Regulation

A staple of the Florida coast, parasailing is once again under the microscope for the lack of regulation, danger, and potential negligence in owner operation. With as many as 120 companies in peak tourist season, more people are parasailing in […]

Michael Roberts

Suit for Wrongful Death of Non-Viable Fetus Allowed

A recent change in Alabama law means successful lawsuits can now be pursued for negligently causing the death of a previable fetus. Before this September 9 ruling, the law, as represented by the…

Michael Roberts

Natural Gas Pipeline Explosion: Were The Safety Rules Obeyed?

Federal investigators are working to piece together what caused the gas pipeline blast and fire that killed eight people and destroyed 37 homes in San Bruno last month.
Though the causes of the…

Michael Roberts

Court Allows Apartment Fire Lawsuit

A recent decision from the Alabama Supreme Court permits a lawsuit, arising from an apartment fire, to go forward. In Collins v. Scenic Homes, Inc., a fire caused death of one tenant and serious…

Michael Roberts

Wrongful Death Damages in Alabama


Damages awarded in wrongful death cases vary significantly from state to state. In many states, damages include lost income that the deceased person would…