Gadsden, Alabama


Michael Roberts

Tractor Trailer Load Problems

Tractor-Trailer Load Dangers
Countless families take to the road for holiday travels. Families making these long trips simply want a safe and smooth journey that ends with a chance to enjoy a…

Michael Roberts

Is that 18-wheeler driver you are sharing the road with safe to be behind the wheel?

We have seen what happened in the Gulf when a company did not obey safety regulations. What about trucking companies whose big rigs we share the highways with?
Regulations are in place for…

Michael Roberts

Texting By Truck And Bus Drivers Banned

The United States Department of Transportation has announced new rules, effective immediately, to prohibit truck drivers and bus drivers from texting while driving commercial vehicles. Civil or…

Michael Roberts

Interstate Trucking Driver Qualification Records

Interstate trucking companies (federal motor carriers) are required under federal regulations to maintain and preserve certain records about their drivers. The purpose of these regulations is to…

Emily Hawk Mills

Tractor Trailer Wreck Birmingham Alabama

On March 21, 2008 a major wreck involving a large Fed-Ex truck and a convertible occurred on I-459 near Overton Road. The accident, which happened just after 11am, involved a large Fed-Ex truck and a convertible. Four people were killed. According to reports, the driver of the tractor-trailer was not injured.

Chrissie Cole

Winslow Truck Driver Killed in Truck Accident

A Winslow man, 57, lost his life in a truck accident on Wednesday, when his Tyson feed truck overturned on Arkansas Highway 59, landing in an embankment on the highway.The truck driver was attempting a sharp right-hand curve, but lost control of the 2004 Mack Truck he was driving. The truck overturned onto the driver’s side and went off the side of the roadway, according to Arkansas State…