Gadsden, Alabama


Michael Roberts

Alabama Liquor Liability

Is the person serving you, liable for you? “Dram shops”, a legal term in the United States, refers to a bar, or saloon that serves alcoholic beverages, and are liable in certain states for the alcohol they serve their customers. […]

Michael Roberts

Injuries On Someone Else's Property

Where someone is injured on someone else’s property, details as to the circumstances of the visit and the conduct of the property owner can make a significant difference in the outcome of an…

Michael Roberts

What is an "Invitee"? When May an Injured Invitee Recovery for an Injury?

In many states, the rules that determine whether a property owner is liable for a slip and fall accident or premises liability injury are influenced by the purpose for which the injured person…

Michael Roberts

What Is A Motion For Summary Judgment?

The defendant in my lawsuit has filed a motion for summary judgment. What does that mean? Even though our constitution guarantees the right to trial by jury, the law permits a…