Gadsden, Alabama


Jason Knowles

Child Car Seats in Automobile Crashes

As the father of two small children, I use child car seats daily, and I often think, usually as I am hurriedly buckling up one of them, about how important it is to properly select, install, and…

Greg Cusimano

Keep Our Children Safe This Summer

It’s hard to believe that 830,000 children are killed each year by accidents according to the World Health Organization. This is probably underestimated because in many poor countries,…

Michael Roberts

Why Is Uninsured/underinsured Motorist Coverage Important?

If you have the unfortunate experience of being injured in a wreck through the fault of an irresponsible driver, your options for financial compensation can be substantially affected by the type and…

Michael Roberts

Recent Alabama Court Decision Allows Suit Against County for Roadway Problems

A decision released in November by the Alabama Supreme Court permits a lawsuit to go forward where a county and its engineer had been sued due to the failure of a county to install a railing at…

Michael Roberts

My Case Is Going To Mediation. What Is Mediation?

During the last several years, mediations have become more common as a means to try to achieve settlement in cases. Sometimes mediations are ordered by courts, and sometimes the parties simply agree…

Betsy Boggs

Child Killed in SUV Pedestrian Accident; Family Thanks Attorneys Who Care

The following letter to the editor was written by my sister after the death of her 11-year old grandson who was hit by an SUV in Kissimmee, Florida.
L. Trammell Douglasville, GA January 10,…

Michael Roberts

Tips and Traps in Auto Accidents

Recent changes and
developments in automobile insurance law and related issues can create problems
for the unwary who are dealing with the consequences of automobile accidents.
One critical point…

Michael Roberts

Alabama Guest Statute Opinion

A decision released recently
by the Alabama Supreme Court, Phillips v. United Services Automobile Assoc., held there was no evidence of wantonness in a
single-vehicle accident. In this case, the…

Michael Roberts

My lawsuit has now been filed. What happens next?

       Procedures and deadlines vary to some extent from place to place, but, generally, the company or person sued has a deadling (often 20 to 30 days) to file a response in the court clerk’s…

Chrissie Cole

Dad Backs Over Toddler in Tragic Driveway Accident

A two-year-old girl died from injuries she suffered in a driveway car accident Sunday night, when her father backed over her in the family driveway, according to Houston County Coroner.Dothan Police is investigating the accident, which has been ruled an accident at this time. The girl died a 8:30 p.m., after her parents took her to the emergency room at Southeast Alabama Medical Center. The…